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2015 RACES

Drake Dragon Dash 2015

2014 RACES

Galloping Goose 5k/10k 2014

Westwoods Run with the Wolves 2014

Erie Mighty Kids Tri 2014

Solstice Swim 2014

Erie Firecracker 4k/4mile 2014


2013 RACES

Galloping Goose 2013

Drake Dragon Dash 2013

Westwoods Run with the Wolves 2013

Erie Mighty Kids Tri 2013

Cheyenne Tri 2013

Erie Fire Cracker

Tri Town Trot 5k

2012 Races

Galloping Goose 5k/10k 2012

Buckley Triathlon 2012

Buckley Triathlon 2012

Westwoods Run with the Wolves 2012

Drake Dragons 5k 2012

Erie Mghty Kids Tri 2012

Rocky Mountain Tri at Silverthorn 2012

Cheyenne Sprint Triathlon 2012

Redline 13.1 at Longmont Walkers

Redline 13.1 at Longmont Runners

Redline 13.1 at Longmont 5 mile

Tri Town Trot 5k July 4, 2012

Erie Firecracker 4k/4mile July 1, 2012

Dip and Dash June 26, 2012

Dip and Dash June 19, 2012

Dip and Dash June 12, 2012

Cowboy One Mile May 31, 2012

Lucky Mile 2012

Van Arsdale 2012

Ordinary Mortals 2012

Mini Mortals 2012


2011 Races

Galloping Goose 2011

Drake Dragons 5K 2011

Westwoods Run with the Wolves 2011

Erie Mighty Kids Triathlon 2011

Dip and Dash August 2, 2011

Anthem Sprit Triathlon July 30, 2011

Erie Firecracker 4K/4 Miler

Victorian Peaks 5K/10K

Do the Diggity June 28, 2011

Dip and Dash June 21, 2011

Dip and Dash June 14, 2011

Dip and Dash June 7, 2011

Aurora Trail Days 2011

Van Arsdale 2011



2010 Races

Galloping Goose 2010

Westwoods Run with the Wolves 2010

Fall Frenzy 2010

Fit, Fight and Freedom Mini Tri 2010

Fall Frenzy Kids Tri 2010

Erie Mighty Kids Tri 2010

Dip, Dash and Draft August 3, 2010

Anthem Sprint Triathlon 2010

Aurora Dip and Dash, July 13, 2010

Erie Firecracker 4K 2010

Victorian Peaks 5K 2010

Aurora Dip and Dash, June 29, 2010

Dip, Draft and Dash/Dip and Dash, June 22, 2010

Aurora Dip and Dash, June 15, 2010

Aurora Trail Days

DAC Tri the Creek

Van Arsdale 5k 2010

Stop TB 5k Results

Stop TB 5k Photos at Natasha Japp

North Routt 2010


2009 Races

Anthem Turkey Trot 2009

Galloping Goose 2009

Harvest Moon Hustle 5k

Westwoods Run with the Wolves 5k 2009

Fit, Fight and Freedon Tri 2009

Erie Mighty Kids Tri 2009

Anthem Sprint Triathlon 2009

Table Mountain Triathlon 2009

DAC Tri the Creek 2009

Erie Firecracker 4k

GV 14th Goose Chase 2009

Aurora Trail Days 2009

Tri 4 Success

Littlefoot Triathlon

Van Arsdale Run with Rocky

Tri 4 Me

Spank Blasing 5k and 10k

Stop TB 5k

North Routt Coureur des Bois


2008 Races

Du Wop Du 2008
Westwoods Run with the Wolves 5k 2008
Castle Rock Fling
DAC Tri the Creek
Tri for Success
Aurora Trail Days 5k
Superior Kids Triathlon
Littlefoot Triathlon
Rachaels Ribbons of Hope 5k


2007 Races

Van Arsdale
Fit Beats Metro Mile Results
Westwoods Run with the Wolves Results
Du Wop Du Results
Fall Frenzy
Parker Pebble 5k
Fit, Fight, and Freedom Triathlon Results
Rattlesnake Sprint Results
Rattlesnake Olympic Results
The Great Colorado Triathlon Results (updated August 20, 2007)
Table Mountain Triathlon Adults Results

Table Mountain Triathlon Kids Results
Pikes Peak Junior Triathlon
Tri for Success Results

Superior Kiwanis Tri Results
Little Foot Tri Results
Fairmount 5000 Results


Summit Race Management offers all aspects of multisport race management. We specialize in ankle style chip timing utilizing an Accuchip RFID timing system.

We pride ourselves on providing fast and accurate results, regardless of race size and locations.


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